Fires in Israel and West Bank : statement of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land

Published: November 25 Fri, 2016


Statement on the ongoing fires in Israel and West Bank


We have been following, and continue to follow in the past three days, the major fires that broke out across Israel and the West Bank, which led to grave damage to nature and properties.

As we thank God for the fact that the majority of human casualties were light, we express our solidarity with those who suffer from physical or material damage.

We hope that the responsible parties will take over these fires with the least possible damage and as soon as possible. We ask the Almighty to fill the hearts of all, with patience, faith and peace; since our country needs the fire of love which unites people, expands hearts and thoughts and enables a safe life full of faith, justice and love.

Jerusalem, November 24, 2016

For further details, please contact Mr. Wadie Abunassar, Director of the Media Committee: 0544959450 or [email protected]