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Fr. Emil Shukri Salayta

Fr. Emil Shukri Salayta
Contact information:
Telephone:  +972 2 628 5706
Email: [email protected]
  • 01/06/1964: Born in Madaba, Jordan
  • 1976: Joined the Latin Patriarchate Minor Seminary on the recommendation of Fr. Fuad Hijazin
  • 29/06/1989: Ordained Priest in Madaba (Jordan) by Bishop Selim Sayegh
  • 07/1989: Vicar, Christ the King Parish, Misdar, Amman;  military service
  • 09/1991: Professor Latin Patriarchate Seminary
  • 10/04/1992: Parish Priest, St. Joseph in Jifna, Palestine; Director, Al Ahliyah School in Ramallah
  • 08/1994: Parish Priest, Immaculate Conception in Bir Zeit;  General Director of the Latin Patriarchate  Schools  in Palestine and Israel
  • 1998:  General Director of the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Jordan concurrent  with Bir Zeit Parish and Schools in Palestine
  • 07/2000: In-Charge of Al Wasiyah  School, Wassieh in Kerak, Jordan.
  • 09/2001: Studies in  Canon Law at the Lateran University, Rome
  • 05/2005: Obtained Masters in Canon Law and International Law. Returned to assist in the Ecclesiastic Court in Jerusalem.
  • 08/2006: Parish Priest, St. Joseph in Jifna; Assistant Judge, Latin Patriarchate Ecclesiastical Court.
  • 08/2009: Latin Patriarchate Judicial Vicar in Jerusalem and Nazareth
  • 15/08/2017: President, Diocesan Tribunal