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Christmas Message 2006


            As the 2006 Christmas time is just about to hover its wings upon the skies of our sacred city in particular, and the Christian world in general, let me cease this blessed moment to extend my sincere greetings for a happy and jocund Christmas and a New Year that is full of happiness and felicity. On behalf of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, permit me to pronounce our unreserved and multitude gratitude for the relentless generosity and support which without we would not have adequately sustained. If Christmas stands for peace and justice, for benevolence and spiritual abundance, unquestionably, we cannot but grow together in this season when our Child Savior came to this world carrying with Him the most refined meaning of unconditional love and unrestricted benevolence.
             From our blessed haven, I promise to pray on your behalf during the Christmas Mass at the Nativity church. In my prayers, I will mention each in person, your beloved ones, and the knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulcher. My prayers are the least I can ever do towards the most you incessantly do. In these critical moments of our life, I cannot but reiterate that the situation in the Holy Land is squeezed to its maximum, and the tunnel of hope is still in need for a bright enlightening. The Palestinian families are suffering from frustration and financial stress in all aspects of life due to external and internal clashes. Christmas time refines the significance of hope which seems so detached  from the hearts of our Christian youngsters as well as elders. Together, let us pray that these living stones of the holy Land will succeed not to relinquish their faith in a better future and a better living.
            Your perpetual financial support enabled our schools to remain open on time when most of the Palestinian schools were on strike due to unpaid salaries. Therefore, you have given the opportunity for 18,000 students to learn and build up the community, and to 1500 teachers to attend their work and support their families. Furthermore, the favor is yours in achieving 14 projects in Jordan and Palestine which included in the construction of community halls and upgrading schools and churches. Again, I renew my appreciation and that of the community for your generous support.
and appreciated concern.
                      May God's grace and blessings be upon you perpetually.

Fr. Shawki Baterian
General Administrator

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