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The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Program Development Department
Aboud Community Hall – Ramallah District
First Quarter Report
(As of March 31st, 2006)

aboudAboud is a small village that lies to the North west of Ramallah. It is known for its olive trees and its large production of olive oil. Historically known as the city of flowers, Aboud was one of the prosperous cities of the Holy Land with a large population and many churches. Historians believe that there were at least seven churches in Aboud.
The twenty first century Aboud is a poor village hardly capable of supporting its ever diminishing population because of the current political situation in the Palestinian territories. In response to the deteriorating situation and in its attempt to release part of the pressures exerted on the Palestinians, The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, (LPJ) has invested every effort to provide variety of service to the residents of Aboud as well as other followers in the Holy Land. LPJ sponsors, besides its central spiritual role, variety of educational, social and youth programs specially designed to enhance its followers' affiliation to their land and church.

LPJ's complex in Aboud is composed of a church, an elementary school, priest residence, a clinic and a small old hall used to support the school and parish activities. The school, in spite of being elementary, attracts children from the neighboring villages as it offers quality affordable education in a healthy educational atmosphere. The thirty year old hall is in a bad situation as it is in desperate need for maintenance and rehabilitation in addition to the fact that it is too small to house the different activities.
In response to the insufficient spaces LPJ's Program Development Department, PDD, has designed a project that addresses the local parish's desperate need for extra space. The proposed project aims at rehabilitating the existing hall and building a two storey extension which is composed of a 150 square meters basement and an extension that connects with the existing hall with a total area of 150 square meters.
The existing hall together with the proposed extension will realize a 300 meter community hall that will serve the needs of the local parish on the long run. Once completed, the project will serve the near to three thousand people of the village both Christians and Muslims, the 250 pupils of the school and Aboud’s Latin scouts group. All will benefit equally from the project.

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