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Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Program Development Department
Community Center - Beit Jala
First Quarter Report
(As of March 31st, 2006)

beitjalaThe Latin Convent in Beit jala has long faced the problem of providing enough room to support a variety of social, spiritual and educational activities necessary for the local parish. The convent’s facilities include an old fascinating church, seminary school, priests’ residence, a secondary school, a kindergarten and a small hall housing scouts and other religious and social activities.
As a response to the lack of room within the facilities of the Latin convent, a multi purpose hall is proposed as an important support for the various activities sponsored by the Latin Convent in Beit Jala. The beneficiaries of the project include the 850 students of the high school and kindergarten, the 350 Latin families of the local parish, the 250 members of the Latin Patriarchate's Papal scouts troop in addition to other Beit Jala Residents.
The proposed Latin Patriarchate’s Community Center, BJCC, is a 443 square meter building situated next to the convent and designed to serve many purposes. The proposed works also include erecting a six meter high boundary wall capable of holding the enormous weights of soil behind.
This Community center will be dedicated to Mme. Elizabeth Vereet who has scarified all her life for the Christians of the Holy Land. The inauguration of this Community center will be soon.

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