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Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Program Development Department
Rehabilitation of Birzeit School
First Quarter Report
(As of March 31st, 2006)

Birzeit The Latin Patriarchates high school of Birzeit is one of fourteen schools and kindergartens sponsored by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, LPJ. Birzeit high school renders high quality affordable education to nearly five hundred students from Birzeit and the surrounding villages. Birzeit high school is a coeducational school that serves students equally regardless of their religion.
LPJ through relentless effort works on improving the services it renders and the physical structure of the schools. Birzeit high school is undergoing a multistage upgrading process which is expected to be concluded by the beginning of the scholastic year 2006-2007 around the end of Sept.2005.
The proposed works will be executed in two distinctive phases. Phase one is designed to address water leakage and humidity problems and thus stabilizing the existing condition of the internal facilities by eradicating the sources of damage. The proposed plan includes the following works:
1-New 240 sqm light-weight inclination layer on roof
2- New 1,227 sqm waterproofing asphalt membrane on roof
3- Pointing repairs 150 (square meters)
4- Repairing the expansion joint (53 meters)
5- Minor internal repairs
6- Cement edge with a total length of 330 meters
The works executed will safeguard the internal works of the school as it eradicates sources of humidity and thus prevents further deterioration. Phase two of the project will be concerned in upgrading the internal facilities of the work including the improvement of potable water system, aluminum work and repairing existing steel works.

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