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The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Program Development Department
Nablus school
Status: Engineering office contracted, Designs completed,
Start Date: May 2006
End date: August 2006

Deteriorated Structure, unsafe electrical installations, damaged sanitary Facilities.


  • nabuls schoolAdditional 4 additional sanitary units and rehabilitation of two others in kindergarten, 3 sanitary units in ground floor and rehabilitating another.
  • Additional classroom and play area in for kindergarten; total area 55 SQM
  • White wash and paint of Damaged walls.
  • New additional administration room
  • Improve lighting in 7 classrooms.
  • New boards for two classrooms
  • Proposed works for Second Stage

  • Maintenance of electrical system including lighting fixtures in  9  classrooms and wiring
  • Replacing the boards in nine classrooms
  • Upgrading schools multipurpose hall (theater) including rearrangement of room, maintenance of floor tiles, whitewashing and new sanitary units.


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