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News from the Latin Patriarchate

Statements for the actual situation
Patriarchs and Heads of Churches, Catholic bishops’ conferences, Bishops and Organizations

01.08.06 Statement from HB Patriarch Sabbah – Pray for Peace and Justice
07.07.06 Statement from Patriarchs and Heads of Local Christian Churches in Jerusalem
28.07.06 Statement from the German Bishops’ Conference
26.07.06 Spanish Bishops' Conference Letter to HB Patriarch Sabbah
24.07.06 CCCB Statement on the Humanitarian Crisis in Lebanon
21.07.06 CBCEW Archbishops’ Letter to Cardinal Sfeir of Lebanon
20.07.06 USCCB Letter to US Congress on the Middle East
20.07.06 Bishop Skylstad Letter to USCCB on Day of Prayer for Peace
17.07.06 Statement from Bishop Wenski of Orlando on violence in the Holy Land
14.07.06 Bishop Skylstad Letter to HB Patriarch Sabbah
11.07.06 CBCEW Archbishops’ Letter to HB Patriarch Sabbah


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