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Official visit of
Her Excellency Mrs. Maria Kaczynska
the first lady of the Republic of Poland
to Saint Elizabeth’s Home of Peace
Bethlehem 19/10/2007

The first lady of the Republic of Poland, Her Excellency Mrs. Maria Kaczynska, accompanied by the Palestinian Minister of Tourism Mrs. Khloud Du’eibis and the Polish ambassador to the Palestinian Authority Mr. Piotr Puchta and a number of Polish officials visited Saint Elizabeth’s Home of Peace – Bethlehem extension on Friday, Oct. 19th, 2007.

The First Lady was received by Fr. Shawki Baterian, the General Administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Fr. William Shomali, Sister Rafaela, a number of St. Elizabeth nuns and the staff of the projects Department of the Latin Patriarchate. Fr. Shawki Baterian thanked the First lady for the visit and explained the importance of the home in the service of the underprivileged girls.

Sister Rafaela thanked the First Lady and explained the services they render to the girls; she also thanked the projects department for their dedication in managing the project. The First Lady expressed her admiration of the work and thanked all the people involved for their dedication and hard work.

St. Elizabeth Sisters Home of Peace, Bethlehem extension is an under construction building of a total area of 1650 square meters and will be used as a boarding school for Palestinian girls with social cases. St. Elizabeth’s Home of Peace is situated in Jerusalem, Mount of Olives and used to serve girls from the Palestinian authority and Jerusalem.

Recently, and as a result of mobility restrictions and the difficulty of serving Palestinian girls from the Palestinian Authority, St. Elizabeth Sisters are building their home in Bethlehem to adapt to the political changes



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