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News from the Latin Patriarchate


Saturday  January 19th, 2008   Anastasis (Holy Sepulcher), Calvary                 05:30 p.m.  Greek Orthodox Office of (Compline)

Sunday     January 20th, 2008   Anglican Cathedral od St George                      05:00 p.m.   Nablus Road

Monday     January 21st,  2008  Latin Patriarchate's Co-Cathedral                     05:00 p.m.      Latin Patriarchate Road, OldCity

Tuesday     January 22nd, 2008  Lutheran Church of Redeemer  
05:00 p.m.       OldCity, near Holy Sepulcher

Wednesday  January 23rd , 2008 Armenian Cathedral of St James                       05:00 p.m.         OldCity, Armenian quarter

Thursday      January 24th , 2008       Upper Room, Cenacle               
04:00 p.m.           MountZionr

Friday         January 25th , 2008       St Anthony's Church, Coptic Orthodox 05:00 p.m.          OldCity, near Holy Sepulcher

Saturday    January 26th, 2008        Ethiopian Orthodox Church     
05:00 p.m.          West Jerusalem, off Prophet's Street

Sunday        January 27th, 2008        Greek Catholic Church of Annunciation 05:00 p.m.          OldCity, near Jaffa Gate




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