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During the annual meeting held by the Bishops of the Holy Land Coordination, and according to a request by H.B. Patriarch Fouad Twal, a conference call was made with Fr. Manawel Mussallam yesterday. Fr. Manuel is the Parish Priest of the Holy Family Parish in the Gaza Strip and the Head Master of our Latin Patriarchate High School there. He described the situation of the Palestinians and especially the Christian Palestinians in Gaza who are currently facing the extreme. Fr. Manawel seeks the attention of the leaders of the world to do something in order to stop the unbearable bloodshed of innocent children and women. He said that people there are truly suffering not only as a result of the killing but also from the lack of everyday necessities such as food, water, basic medicines and electricity. He raised a prayer for peace in his homeland and asked all the churches in the world to join him with his prayers.

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