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( - Le Saint-Siège proteste contre les « graves offenses » faites aux chrétiens par une chaîne de télévision privée israélienne qui a ridiculisé « Jésus et Marie de Nazareth », des « enfants d'Israël ». Le Vatican salue la promptitude des autorités qui promettent des excuses publiques et l'arrêt de ces émissions. lire la suite

Scene from 16/2

Announcer: We will talk about the “Vatican” the Christian church. It’s annoying really annoying……..
Every time, new one denies the holocaust, cardinals, archbishops, priests, monks, or choir-boy who has been rapped by the others…….. (Laughs)

Audience…… laughing

Announcer: He laughs less than the audience.
They are denying the Holocaust and instead of getting angry, I decided to hit back.
……to deny the Christianity…….. I am not laughing, that’s true, and I am not laughing. Some one have to teach them a lesson and that is what we will do.
Now, every night we denies different things, the Christian Church telling you remember yesterday, we denied the fact that Jesus walked on water, an now here is the movie…….         (Start the video movie)
The Christians tell you that Maria, Jesus mother was virgin, but this is not true, and the evidence is simple.
When John the Baptist was sticking his fingers surprisingly in her waist, she wasn’t jumping. Beside if she was virgin, she wouldn’t present new sex toys at the night program of “Yoseefos Flavious” (means Saint Joseph)
The truth is when she was 15 years old; she got pregnant from a boyfriend in the class. Her parents wanted to deliver her to a monastery. However since it was before Jesus was born, before Christianity, there wasn’t monastery found, her parents left her in a football field.
Mary had tough night in the hotel with the Canaan team.
Who really was virgin in that time is David Bowie, and that is explains the confusion found…..
The Christian church…..doesn’t believe to them.
Announcer: Believe me, really believe me that if they didn’t deny the Holocaust I wouldn’t say anything, and I wouldn’t tell them the truth because I don’t care about them.

Scene from 15/2

Announcer: That is really annoying, and you heard about that for sure, that in the Christian Church, every week there is a Cardinal, archbishops, priests, monks or one choir-boy being rapped from all mentioned above.
Announcer: They are denying the Holocaust and I decided that instead of being upset, to hit them back, to deny the Christianity.
I am not Joking, someone have to teach them a lesson, and that is what we gonna do now.
Every evening, we deny different fact the Christian Church tell you. Here is the first movie:
Watching the movie……Christians tell you that Jesus walked on water in Sea of Galilee. This is a lie. Jesus was too fat, and he was feeling ashamed of going out of the house, and of course wearing swimsuit at the beach of sea of Galilee was imbaracing for him. The Christians draw Jesus like this, (paint of Jesus walking on water), but these paints are far away from reality… Because of Jesus was addicted to the holy bread in the age of three he was in a weigh safe program.  If he was reached to the age of 40, he would be looking like this…. (An over weight man with beard).
All of his life time. Jesus passed through diets, for him, every feast was the “Last Feast”.
His serious enemy was Atkins Iscariot. Jesus always said the Sunday he will start the diet, this is the reason why Sunday is holy day for the Christians.
The man who really walked on the water is David Bowie. This can explain the confusion.

The Christian Church….. Don’t believe to

If they didn’t deny the holocaust, I wouldn’t say anything, and leave them believe in these lies….
But there is limits, believe me there is…..


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