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In charge of Hebrew-Catholic Community


Parishes of Hebrew Catholic Vicariate

            The Apostolate of Saint James the Apostle was approved by Patriarch Alberto Gori on February 11, 1955, and its statutes one year later, to answer the needs of the Hebrew-speaking Catholics.  It had two main purposes:
-     The creation of centers for the Hebrew-speaking communities where the liturgy is conducted in the Hebrew language and where the faithful can gather in a friendly atmosphere.
-     The rapprochement between Christians and Jews carried out in conjunction with the Judeo-Christian Friendship Association (Amitiés judéo-chrétiennes) both in Israel and abroad.

            The Apostolate of Saint James the Apostle is now known as the Hebrew-Catholic Vicariate.

            Pastor:                        Rev. Paul Collin
            Address:                      51 Rehov Hashalom
                                                P.O.B. 1321
                                                84110 Beersheva
                                                Tel & fax: (08) 627 46 14
                                                E-mail: [email protected]
            Priest in charge:         Rev. David Neuhaus sj
            Address:                    1 Mordechai Anilewicz (corner 26 Meir Rotenberg)
                                               German Colony
                                               Tel. 054-7822843
                                               e-mail: [email protected]
            Priest in charge:         Rev. Apolinary Szwed, O.F.M.
            Address:                      House of Simeon and Anne
                                                10 Rehov Rav Kook
                                                P.O.B. 1979
                                                91019 Jerusalem
                                                Tel: (02) 624 82 55; Fax: (02) 624 82 56
                                                Mobile: 054 445 46 60
                                                E-mail:[email protected]
            Tel Aviv-Yafo
            Priest in charge:         Rev. Jan Hlavka
            Address:                    St Peter Church (Old City of Jaffa)
                                                P.O.B. 15093
                                                61150 Tel Aviv-Yafo
                                                Tel: (03) 682 45 03
                                                e-mail: [email protected]

                                               Rev. Gregor Pawlowski
            Address:                      16/9 Rehov Ben Tzvi
                                                P.O.B. 15074
                                                61150 Tel Aviv-Yafo
                                                Tel: (03) 682 26 80

            Russian Community:
            North Israel               
            Priest in charge:         Rev. Slavomir Abramovsky
                                                Tel: 054 526 57 88
                                                E-mail: [email protected] 

            Central-South Israel:
            Priest in charge:         Rev. Jan Hlavka
                                                Tel: 052 532 47 56
                                                e-mail: [email protected]


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