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Patriarch Twal and Catholic Bishops condemn Beirut and Paris attacks

Published: November 14 Sat, 2015

STATEMENT – His Beatitude Fouad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land released a statement on Saturday November 142015,  condemning  “terrorist attacks committed recently in Beirut and Paris and the culture of death that kills innocent people which opposes God’s and human laws .

The time has come for the world to stand united against terrorism, and to confront the reasons of terrorism, such as feelings of oppression, hatred, bad education and fanaticism, with no double-standards. The time has come for unification of the forces of good, of countries and followers of all religions against violence that hits the world with increased brutality; otherwise it will strike us sooner or later.”

The statement added: “On this occasion, we express our full solidarity with the French and Lebanese peoples and with the victims of terrorism and their families in Paris and Beirut and across the world. We pray to the Almighty for healing of the wounded and consolation for those who are grieving. We pray also for terror perpetrators and promoters that they regret and retract from what they do.”