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Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries demands Haifa Municipality to remove offensive images of Christ from the city's museum

Published: January 11 Fri, 2019

STATEMENT – An exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art has angered many, both Christian and non-Christian, because of the display of Jesus Christ in an offensive manner. We deplore such behavior towards the greatest symbol of Christianity from an institution that aims to serve all citizens!

As we express our respect for freedom of expression and understand that the exhibition is aimed at criticizing the consumer society, we concur with such criticism. However, the abusive use of the greatest facts of our Christian religion is unacceptable to Christians and non-Christians.

“We see the Haifa Municipality as the first official responsible for the exhibition and therefore demand that it removes the offensive exhibits, especially as it stresses the importance of living together amongst all the national, ethnic and religious components of the city.

On the other hand, we are making efforts to find a solution that ensures respect for religious symbols. We therefore appeal to all to show the spirit of love taught to us by Christ, both in dealing with this issue and with other issues facing us in all fields.

Photo: ©shaula haitner