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Directorate of schools - Meeting with the Réseau Barnabé

Published: February 23 Fri, 2018

Directorate of schools - Meeting with the Réseau Barnabé Available in the following languages:

HOLY LAND – On Wednesday, February 21, as part of their study trip to the Holy Land, Alice Rambuteau and Jean-François Canteneur, coordinators of the Réseau Barnabé, came to Beit Jala to meet the general manager of the Latin Patriarchate schools, Father Iyad Twal.

Marie-Claude Messenger, attached to educational cooperation at the Consulate General of France in Jerusalem, was also present.

Many topics were discussed, such as cooperation projects between schools of the Latin Patriarchate and French Catholic schools.

Alice Rambuteau recalled in particular the successful partnership between the school of the Latin Patriarchate of Nablus and the school Saint Louis Saint Clément de Viry-Chatillon in France.

Strong links have indeed developed between these two schools. They result in annual projects run by French teachers and students. Among the most noteworthy accomplishments include the publication in May 2017 of the cookbook “Tell me what you eat,” and a play that was performed by students recently performed simultaneously during a video conference. A project on ecology is on the cards for next year.

Discussion focused on the French-speaking teachers who could benefit from training in France at the end of May. Every year, the Réseau Barnabé allows local teachers of French to go to France to spend a few weeks to undertake teacher training at partner institutions. These holidays are a real asset for teachers who enjoy linguistic and cultural immersion.

After the meeting, Jean-François Canteneur invited Father Iyad to attend a meeting of directors of French Catholic schools in Toulouse in October 2018. This will be an opportunity for the Director General of LPJ schools to be able to fully share their educational experience in the Holy Land. This year, the theme of the 3-dday Conference will be “The ideal and the reality.” The invitation was warmly welcomed.

The entire General Directorate of Schools thanked the Réseau Barnabé for the actual support provided to the schools of the Latin Patriarchate in teaching the French language.