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Launching of Child Protection Policy in Latin Patriarchate Schools in Ahliya College in Ramallah

Published: May 22 Wed, 2019

Launching of Child Protection Policy in Latin Patriarchate Schools in Ahliya College in Ramallah Available in the following languages:

RAMALLAH – On Wednesday, March 22, 2019, Fr. Iyad Twal, Director of the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine and Israel, in partnership with World Vision, launched an agreement entitled “Child Protection Policy” to be implemented in the Latin Patriarchate Schools, in Ahliya College in Ramallah. This policy aims to develop Latin Patriarchate Schools under the vision of quality in and for education.

The ceremony was attended by Fr. Jamal Khader, the school director in Ramallah; Mrs. Abeer Hanna, Executive director of the schools; Mr. Sami El-Yousef, Chief Executive Officer of the Latin Patriarchate; Anton Asfar, Chief Financial Officer of LPJ and World Vision Chairman, as well as Mrs. Lauren Taylor, the regional director of the World Vision International. A number of priests attended along with the social workers, teachers, parents, Rosary Sisters, and representatives from several organizations.

The ceremony was moderated by Mrs. Mirna Fleifel, Director of Educational and Academic Affairs, who welcomed the guests and praised the role of the World Vision, that supported the writing and the training for this policy; they organized several workshops over the past two years for the schools’ directors and social workers, who formed together the first template of the policy. Also, the World Vision will hold training and workshops for school directors, administrative and educational bodies, social workers and parents in the near future, in order to implement this policy by the beginning of the next academic school year.

Some of the Ahliya College students presented the policy through a theatrical performance under the supervision of social counselor Ms. Ronza Abdullah. Another group of students from Birzeit School presented Dabkeh folklore dance, under the supervision of their physical education teacher, Ms. Suha Sarhan. This was followed by a speech by Fr. Iyad who expressed his pride in this new step, as the Latin Patriarchate schools are the first to adhere to such policy in the region.

This policy aims to raise awareness about violence against children and provide a safe school environment based on equality, respect, and non-discrimination. The agreement comes as a preventive step to protect students and employees and raise awareness among parents. A template of the policy was distributed during the ceremony written in Arabic and English that will be translated into French for later publication.

Rula Shomali