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FR. Yacoub Saadeh

FR. Yacoub Saadeh

03.30.1921: Born in Jaffa Nephew of D. Bichara Saadeh

10.1932: Entered the minor Seminary.

01.10.1937: Entered the Grand Seminary.

06.08.1944: Priesthood Mgr. Barlassina, Concathedral.

08.10.1944: Vicar in Madaba of D. Ibrahim El Helou.

12.11.1944: Vicar at Hoson, Eidoun, Shatana by D. Emile Shahadeh.

19.08.1945: Priest of Khirbet (arrived 09 Sep 1945)

07.15.1953: Curé of Ajloun (arrived July 27)

07.08.1954: Appointed parish priest of Hoson

05.06.1959: Curé of Aboud

20.07.1962: Priest of Ain Arik, makes various arrangements there.

1995: He pays for the restoration of the Seminary cemetery (8000 Shequels).

1996: Retirement with his sister at the Hospice de Abou Dis.

Nov. 1997: Loses his sister. She is buried in Rafidia.

1998: He writes his memoirs. The seminar hits them.