JERUSALEM – Recently, a group of “Scouts and Guides of France” was initially launched in Jerusalem.   The first gathering took place on September 24 and was attended by 35 children and adolescents in the gardens of Maison d’Abraham

Shortly before summer, the idea of establishing this group was initiated by French parents: “A scout group gathered some French and English-speaking children in recent years and had to stop with the departure of the responsible leaders. It was thought necessary for the group to continue.  There are already several locally existing Scout groups but there was a language constraint for the young people who wanted to be Scouts. There was a high demand among the French-speaking children and parents.  The French parents were ready to be involved and take the initiative to revive the Scouts group.”

Immediately thereafter, other families have agreed to participate in this project. From their own scouting experience and with the desire to have their children experience “out of the ordinary” activities, a team quickly established two units: the Cub Scouts-Brownies for children 8 to 11 years old and the Scouts and Guides for those 11 to 14 years old.

On Saturday, September 24,  35 young people came together,  20 Brownies and Cubs and 15 Scouts and Guides, to discover and start their Scouting adventure. The organizing and supervising team included a chaplain, nine adults and young people who were over 14 years old. .

The youth who were welcomed are of different nationalities:  French, Belgians,  Swiss, Spanish, Italians, Germans, Brazilians and Danes…. but all have their place in the educational project of the Scouts and Guides of France, who are being encouraged  to “become joyful boys and girls, be valuable, and be promoters of justice and peace.  This project welcomes all young people and allows them to live together in a fraternity beyond borders. ”

The Scouts and Guides of France is a Catholic movement: the Jerusalem scouting group  originated in part emanated in part from a group of children who meet once a month for Catechism in French offered by the Sisters of the Emmanuel in Bethlehem, and is open to everyone.   The group took the name of St. Francis and St. Clare, and offers to discover and live the Gospel according to each one’s  spiritual journey.

To celebrate the beginning of this development,  parents were invited at the end of the day for  Mass and shared a meal around a marvelous campfire.

Everyone left with joy-filled hearts, happy to have experienced a beautiful day and look forward to meet again soon.

Cécile Klos

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