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Aboud Parish

Name: Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church

Location: Aboud is a small village that lies in the east north of Ramallah. It is considered as one of the ancient villages in Palestine. Aboud is one of the ancient villages in Palestine, and called the “city of flowers”. Aboud in Arabic means “worshipping” and called such because the village used to have many churches. Only one remains today – the Church of the Virgin Mary that was built at the time of Saint Helena. The Palestinian Ruins Authority recently renovated the Church and some ancient mosaics were found. The ruins of the St. Anastasia and St. Simon Church can be seen in the village, on the site of which a Latin Church was built in 1952.

The Latin Patriarchate School:

A two-room school with a hall, a small prayer room, and a monastery were built in 1910 by the Latin Patriarchate. In 1932 two more rooms were added to the building. In 1962 another floor was added to the school for the secondary levels up to grade 11. Tailoring and embroidery centers were established to assist the village women to develop sewing skills and earn income. In 1975 a multi-purpose hall was constructed to serve both the school and the Parish. In the following years, the parish priest built the first floor of the kindergarten and a second floor for a computer lab, teachers’ lounge and library. In 1992, another grade was added to the school’s seven grades and hopefully, more levels will be added.


Population: 2,000

Christians: 1,000

Latin Christians: 500


Aboud: Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

Parish Priest: Fr. Firas Aridah
Address: P.O.B. 3
Tel: (02) 286 45 26/3 (Scouts)
Fax: (02) 286 45 27
Mobile : 
E-mail: [email protected]