Center of Our Lady of Peace

Established in 2004, Our Lady of Peace Center is located in the countryside, 12 km south of Amman. The Center opened as a pioneering concept in Jordan to provide specialized daycare for families bearing the responsibility of caring for persons with disabilities, as they are rarely well equipped for it.

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Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate
The Good Shepherd Church was erected in 2008 and is located inside the compound of OLOPC. The Center provides family counseling and education for children with mental and physical disabilities and social skills development for all our beneficiaries; an early intervention unit for people with mild to moderate disabilities and autism; and a variety of rehabilitation services. The commitment to the national, humanitarian and spiritual needs and rights of those with disabilities by providing all of the services free of charge to all who seek the Center's help, regardless of income or religion. The Center serves both Christians and Muslims and is managed by committees with members of both faiths.

Every year, the Center welcomes hundreds of Christian youth, students, priests, nuns, and people with disabilities institutions. The Multi-Purpose Hall (MP Hall) under the direction of Good Shepherd Church gives the opportunity to the youth, congregations and priests to use it for lectures, events, workshops and training programs.

Amman Parish, The Good Shepherd Church - Our Lady of Peace Center
P.O.B. 851379
11185 AMMAN
Tel & fax: (06) 429 19 90/1