JORDAN – Karak terror assault on Sunday December, 18, 2016, carried by a Jordanian internal terrorist cell, targeted both Jordanians and Foreigners. The attack claimed the lives of  10 people and let several people seriously wounded. It aimed to undermine national unity and social cohesion and will have inevitable repercussions on the tourism industry, one of the main resources of the national economy. Below is the release of the Latin Vicariate in Amman, expressing condemnation and condolences and announcing the cancellation of Christmas celebrations in solidarity with the Jordanian families in mourning.

The Latin Vicariate in Amman and all its affiliated institutions express their condemnation of the heinous and criminal crime which claimed the lives of a new group of public security and gendarmerie officers, several citizens and a Canadian tourist.

The Latin Vicariate expresses its heartfelt condolences to the Jordanian people who constitute one family, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Al-Hussein, to the Public Security and the Gendarmerie commands, and to the families of the martyrs who imbued the soil of this blessed homeland with their pure blood.

At a time when the Latin Vicariate stresses the need to rally behind the wise Jordanian leadership, it announces–in this statement issued by Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan Archbishop Maroun Lahham– that prayers will be held in various churches in the Kingdom for the souls of the martyrs, for their families, and for the healing of the wounded, and for maintaining a Jordan with its leadership and people impregnable to extremism, terrorism and madness. The Latin Vicariate also announces the cancellation of all Christmas celebrations in solidarity with the Jordanian family that has lost its martyred sons at the hands of heinous criminals and terrorism.

The statement concludes saying: “We, in our capacity as Christian Jordanians, serve as an impregnable bulwark rallying behind the wise Hashemite leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah Ben Al Hussein, and all our security apparatuses in order to confront any attempt designed to jeopardize the security and stability of grand Jordan.

May God protect Jordan, its victories leadership, and its loyal people from every evil.

The Latin Vicariate in Amman, December 18, 2016

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