New nominations for Latin Patriarchate clergy 2016

Published: June 29 Wed, 2016

New nominations for Latin Patriarchate clergy 2016 Available in the following languages:

CHANCELLERY – Please find below the new nominations for the Latin Patriarchate clergy effective August 1, 2016:

Fr. Yousef Riziq: Sabbatical Leave

Fr. Nidal Qanzou’ah: Parish Priest of Jaffa-Nazareth

Fr. Shawqi Baterian: Director of Our Lady of Peace in Amman

Fr. Wisam Mansour: Parish Priest of Jabal Amman and Youth leader in Jordan

Fr. Elias Tabban: Director of new school in Haifa

Fr. Iyad Bader: Parish Priest of Madaba

Fr. Johnny Bahbah: Parish Priest of Aboud

Fr. Ibrahim Nino: Parish Priest of Zababdeh

Fr. Cristian Hinestroza: Parish Priest of Eilat

Fr. Carlos Medina: “Fidei Donum” to Bahrain

Fr. Baha’ Istefan: Vicar at Misdar Parish

Fr. Fares Siryani: Vicar at Hoson Parish

Fr. Ibrahim Nafa’: Vicar at North Zarqa

Fr. Leandro Setuval: Vicar at Jbeiha Parish

Fr. Matheus Maciel: Vicar at Ramallah Parish

Fr. Salam Haddad: Vicar at Fuheis Parish

Fr. Remon Haddad:Vicar at Zababdeh Parish

Fr. Ala’ Alamat: studies in USA

Fr. Davide Meli: studies in Rome