New priests' appointments in the Latin Patriarchate 2019

Published: June 13 Thu, 2019

New priests' appointments in the Latin Patriarchate 2019 Available in the following languages:

JERUSALEM – Please find below the new priests’ nominations/appointments in the Latin Patriarchate effective August 18, 2019:

Jerusalem, 13 June 2019

To all the clergy of the Latin Patriarchate

and to the parishes communities,

Subjects: Assignments for the next Pastoral Year

The Lord give you peace!

For this year, after hearing the Bishops and the Consultors, and of course after having discussed with the persons involved when possible, I present the list of assignments for the next pastoral year. I tried to have as less changes as possible.

As you could see, a priest in charge of the endowment office and another priest who will be responsible of the School office in Palestine have been named. The schools in Israel will also have their own who will be responsible, separate from the Ramallah office, given the enormous difference in the legal system and in the school organization.

We decided to accept the request of the Diocese of San Jose (USA) to have a priest for a few years, for studies and at the same time for assistance to the local Arab community. We had to decide within this year and could not postpone, even if this created some difficulties in the process of assignment changes. I am confident that it is a good opportunity for our priests to have a good experience.

We also accepted a particular request from the Secretary of State of the Holy See, and one of our priests will serve in the Arabic section.

As requested for a long time, one priest will also be permanently in residence at the Jordan Vicariate, as General Secretary to assist the local General Vicar.

I know that for someone the change is difficult and, as always, for some it will be difficult to understand or to accept the decision, while others would have preferred to change but remain in the same place.  I thank all for their obedience.

I ask all the priests involved to be at their new assignments by August 18th. Exceptions will require my approval.

I wish you every good in Christ,

+Pierbattista Pizzaballa

Apostolic Administrator