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NAZARETH – On Monday, April 10, 2017, after the celebration of the liturgy of Holy Monday at the Latin parish of Nazareth, the  children’s choir, “Zanabbeq al-Nasirh” (Lys of Nazareth), performed a concert in the Church Saint Joseph. It was an almost professional performance that amazed children and adults.

“Zanâbeq al-Nâssira” is a musical group of about 20 children, ages 10 to 16, supported by six adults, including Najwan Turk, coordinator, and Firas Akkawi, director and a music graduate. The group was formed three years ago by Father Amjad Sabbara, ofm. The objective of which was to revive the choir of the Basilica after some setbacks following the death of the famous conductor and composer, Yussef al-Khell.

“If we want to rebuild the choir of the Basilica, we focus on quality and systematic training, not on numbers,” said Najwan and Firas. “It requires regular and continuous training from the mentors, children and parents, and we are starting to see good results,” said the parish priest.

The program of the evening was varied and technically demanding. It featured the work of classical and modern composers, in Latin and Arabic: J. Bach, E. Elgar, Th.Dubois, F. Händel, A. Pierucci. A more traditional, more oriental part followed: Ya Yesu al-Hayah, Kamel al-Ajyal, Majdan Nuhdi. The young choir, after a mastered performance received a thunderous applause from the families, the faithful and the religious present.

“The choir of Nazareth has regained its good health and excellent level of performance as it carries on the sound tradition of the parish. The future of the choir of the Basilica of the Annunciation is now guaranteed, thanks to God, by the choir of the children of Nazareth. We thank them for allowing us to prepare through these magnificent songs, to receive the graces of Holy Week. Our wish now is for other parishes  to improve the quality of their liturgy, taking an example from Nazareth,” Bishop Marcuzzo concluded.

From our correspondent in Nazareth.

Pictures from A.K.

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