Catechetical Office Overview

The Catechetical office was established by the initiative of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem in 1994 to provide educational, pedagogical, doctrinal and spiritual help in the area of catechesis for catechists; mainly who contribute to the mission of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Palestine. The office do not only cater for the institutes run by the Latin Patriarchate but to all Christian schools in the region, ensuring that the benefit is received by the largest number of catechists, students,  and schools possible.

The office was developed in Jerusalem to be at the heart of the church as well as to enable all constituents to receive adequate support in terms of resource development, training and networking. The office is managed by a director who works under the auspices of the local bishop, in coordination with the Committee for Catechesis.

Parallel to the work in Palestine the office is complimented by two independent offices in Jordan and Galilee who together fortify the work and services of the Latin Patriarchate in the region.

The Service

Being at the heart of Jerusalem the Catechetical office caters for the community of faithful within its local context. The office that leads a process of qualification and enhancement to human as well as physical resources is also led by the needs and aspirations of those who are in the field, namely the catechists and as a consequence, the students entrusted to them. It contributes to their ongoing formation through: workshops, seminars, spiritual retreats, visiting holy sites and other activities, keeping them updated with the latest pedagogical and educational strategies and skills, deepening their doctrinal knowledge, helping them to grow spiritually.

The office outreaches to tens of parishes, tens of schools, hundreds of teachers and serves thousands of students of all ages and sorts. Recognizing that schools and parishes are overwhelmed with the lack of basic needs, that prioritizes social support and emergency assistance to needy families, the role of the office is essential in maintaining the sense of spiritual priority and providing nutrition to the soul and mind adhering to and sustaining the spirit of the Gospel.

"Go and make disciples of all nations Mathew" (28:19).