Catechetical office releases new Educational tool

The Catechetical office of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem has prepared and distributed a new Educational tool to be used in schools and parishes during Lent and Easter seasons. It consists of worksheets, activities, articles and handicrafts.
This work aims to introduce new methods, skills and techniques in the way catechesis is done. It also refers to the Bible; the source of all Christian teachings. It gives more space and opportunity to the role of students in their educational process, while educator takes the role of animator rather than a teacher, who leads the discussions and guides the activities, whereas the student reflects, searches and completes the answers. The goal of the activities is not limited to the knowledge and information aspects but goes beyond to the dimension of life.  At the end of each activity the students are called forth to think about the application to life situations and realities.
Sister Virginie, director of the Catechetical office, organized workshops for catechists from all regions (Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Nazareth, Seminary in Beit Jala ) to explain how to use this educational tool in their classes and meetings.

The catechists were happy with the folder and expressed gratitude for such work. It will be very helpful for them in their educational task.

It is worth mentioning that this folder has been distributed to catechists free of charge, to encourage and support them in their mission
We hope that this work achieves its goal of contributing to the growth of our new generation in their Christian faith, and the development of an integral Christian character and personality.

Jerusalem 7/4/2014 

Sr. Virginie Habib