Faith Journey

“Who do you say Iam?” (mt 16: 15)

In response to the Church’s indication in dedicating the “year of faith”, to enter more deeply into our Christian faith, the Catechetical office of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, has prepared an educational dossier to help catechists and students take an effective role in this communal journey of faith. The dossier invites the catechists and students through ten encounters to develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ and to adopt a and personal attitude and response to Jesus’s question: “who do you say Iam?”. In turn, they will express this in their daily lives within the Christian community, which is the church, and bear witness to it in society.

From a methodological viewpoint, the dossier follows an active methodology of exploration of given bible passages and, in the light of these experiences, the students are invited to express, pray and declare their personal encounter with Jesus in their daily living in the church and society.

The Catechetical office organized three meetings for catechists in three regions (Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jerusalem) on February 21-22-23/2013, at which the dossier was distributed to them with an explanation of how to use the program.

Most of the Christian schools in these regions participated at the meetings, and the catechists expressed their favor and deep appreciation for this educational tool.


Jerusalem 28 feb 2013  

Sr. virgine Habib