Spiritual Retreat for students in Christian schools in Jerusalem during Lenten season 2007

Spiritual retreats were organized during the Lenten season for students of Christian schools in Jerusalem in cooperation and coordination between the Catechetical Office of the Latin Patriarchate and the Office of the General Secretariat of Christian Educational Institutions in Jerusalem.

The day began with morning prayer and then the theme of the day, followed by a break time, and then a period of meditation and individual prayer in preparation for advancing from the sacrament of penance. The spiritual period was crowned with a mass. It will be followed by a lunch break and entertaining passages prepared by the school students themselves.

The number of students who participated in these spiritual retreats reached nearly 500 students, and a questionnaire, prepared by the Office, was distributed to the participating schools to be evaluated by students to know the extent of the benefit gained from these spiritual retreats. Their suggestions are to be considered in planning Spiritual retreats for the next year. In these questionnaires, students expressed their joy, their spiritual and social benefits, as they met peers from all Christian schools in Jerusalem.

Student interaction during these times was highly visible, in the recitation of prayers, singing, participating in the Liturgy of the Mass, and recreation. The atmosphere was full of joy.

Sr. Virginie Habib