The Pastoral Office holds its fourth meeting in Jaffa                                                                                                                                        

JAFFA – On Saturday, December 9, 2017, the Pastoral office in Israel and Palestine held its fourth meeting in St. Peter’s Church in Jaffa. The following topics were addressed:

Priests meeting:

Fr. Rafiq Khoury, the Secretary General, submitted a report regarding the priests’ meeting in Jaffa on December 5, 2017. The meeting centered on the Parishes readiness to start the family pastoral project at the end of January 2018. The priests expressed their concerns about the agreed dates as they couldn’t form family committees nor spiritual animators due to the forthcoming Christmas celebrations. After discussion, it was agreed that the time that was chosen was not suitable; to start at the beginning of the year, then stop during the summer break and to be resumed after it. This project can’t be interrupted, it’s a continuous integrated process. Thus, it was agreed to form the spiritual animators this year, prepare them and after having the parishes’ approval on the committee. Accordingly, the project will start on September 2018, to enable to be fully prepared and have the necessary tools ready. It was also agreed that parishes which are ready to start the project this year allowing the committee to learn from the previous experiences.


A small committee met to reconsider the process of the family project on November 26 in the Latin Seminary in Beit Jala. They sent a summarized report on the discussed issues to all the committee. However, after showing some opposing, the committee agreed to meet again in the Seminary.

Choosing and preparing the spiritual animators:

The discussion started at two levels:

  1.     Selection of the spiritual animators:

– The members will contact the parish priests to cooperate in the selection process. The animators have to preferably be couples, well aware of leadership and social affairs, have good communication and educational skills and to be filled with the Christian spirituality and committed to the church. By the end of January 2018, the names should be selected.

  1. preparation sessions for the spiritual animators:

an agreement was reached on having a 3 days’ session spread over a certain length of time and to be done by the end of May. The next meeting will develop an integrated program.


– the committee will choose the animators by the end of January.

-the next meeting will be held on Saturday, January 13, 2018 on the Latin Seminary in Beit Jala

-Meanwhile the discussed issues will be sent to the members to be prepared for the discussion.

Mariana Kanzou’a – Secretary of the pastoral office.