The course has been organized for Christian Education teachers in the Christian schools for Tawjihi (12th grade) class. The course started in Bethlehem on Friday 4 January 2019, while in Ramallah it was started on Friday 11 January 2019, for a period of 24 training hours, over a period of 6 meetings.

 it dealt with the book of Christian Education for the mentioned class in terms of content, plans, methods, and writing the exams questions of all kinds. It has had a very positive impact on preparing teachers and students to take the first experience of its kind in the history of our Christian schools, namely presenting our students ministerial exam in Christian Education.

It is worth mentioning that these courses were the result of cooperation among the Catechetical Office of the Latin Patriarchate, Department of Religious Studies at Bethlehem University and the Secretariat of Christian Schools and.        

Sr. Virginie Habib