Catechetical Center

The Catechetical Centre was established by the initiative of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem in 1994 to serve the parishes, schools and the catechists. The centre is directed by a permanent director who works with the cooperation of the diocesan committee for the religious education. There is another independent centre in Jordan which works for the same purposes.
The center covers the following activities:
– Following up the Christian Religious Education process in the schools;
– Seeks to provide catechists with different educational means;
– Producing local educational means;
– Coordinating for different activities;
– Qualifying, in a professional method, catechists in the areas of education, spirituality, in doctrine through different activities such as workshops;
Coordination with other Centres in Jordan and Israel for Catechism.

The Centre welcomes all who are interested in catechism from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from Monday till Saturday.

Director: Sr. Virginia Habib

Latin Patriarchate
P.O.Box 14152 – Jerusalem 91143
Tel: (+972)-02- 6282323 ext. 105 / 248
Fax: (+972)-02-6271652
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