Rafiq Khoury

Rafiq Khoury
Contact information:

Mobile: +972 54 441 01 02
Email: [email protected]

  • 16/03/1943: Born in Taybeh, Palestine
  • 24/09/1955: Joined the Latin Patriarchate Minor Seminary on the recommendation of Fr. Silvio Brezzolin
  • 29/06/1967: Ordained Priest by Patriarch Alberto Gori at the Latin Patriarchate Co-Cathedral in Jerusalem following the six-day War.
  • 1967: Vicar to Fr. Yaacoub Abdel Nour, Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish in Beit Jala and Professor at the Seminary
  • 16/09/1967: In-charge of JEC in Bethlehem
  • 16/09/1969: Vicar to Fr. Louis Favro, Holy Family Parish in Ramallah Parish
  • 11/10/1970: Studies in Theology and Catechism in Rome
  • 01/09/1973: Professor, Latin Patriarchate Seminary
  • 01/1979: Priest at the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem; Secretary, Catechism Committee
  • 20/10/1981: Director, Saint Cyril Interfaith Catechetical Center at Freres College in Jerusalem
  • 07/1983: Rector, Latin Patriarchate Seminary
  • 07/1986:  Vice-Rector of the Seminary; Director, Saint Cyril Institute in Ramallah (Palestine)
  • 1992: Chancellor, Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
  • 08/1997: Parish Priest, St. Joseph in Jifna
  • 08/1999: In-charge of  Synod of Catholic Churches in the Holy Land
  • 08/2000: Patriarchal Vicar, Clergy Affairs; In-charge of office for implementing the Pastoral Plan at the end of the Synod Conference
  • 08/2001: In-charge of Catechism at the Latin Patriarchate
  • 01/2004: Sabbatical Leave
  • 01/2005: Returned to active ministry
  • 05/09/2009: Parish Priest, Immaculate Conception in Bir Zeit
  • 07/2011: Member, Clergy Team at the Latin Patriarchate Seminary
  • 15/08/2017: Diocesan Director, Pastoral Office
  • Since 2017: Retired at the Latin Patriarchate

Main Publications (in Arabic)

  • Concerns and Hopes, Jerusalem, 1996, 79 pages.
  • Editorials for Times to Come, Al-Liqa publications, 1996, 196 pages.
  • The Inculturation of the Eastern Churches in the Arab World, Al-Liqa Publications, 1998, 393 pages.
  • Diary (1): Earth. Exile. Kingdom, Jerusalem, 2001, 177 pages.
  • Say your Word and Pass: Short Introductions to Vital Dossiers, Al-Liqa Publications, 2002, 275 pages.
  • Diary (2): The Research of the Missing Word, Jerusalem, 2003, 159 pages.
  • The Six First Pastoral Letters of the Catholic Patriarchs of the East, Jerusalem and Beyrout, 2008, 551 pages.
  • For Open Borders between Time and Eternity (1): Towards an Incarnate Theology in our Land, Al-Liqa publications, 2012, 529 pages.
  • For Open Borders between Time and Eternity (2): The Christian Presence in the Arab World between Past, Present and Future, Al-Liqa publications, 2014, 571 pages.
  • For Open Borders between Time and Eternity (3): The Other…A Benediction or A Malediction?, Al-Liqa publications, 2016, 575 pages.
  • For Open Borders between Time and Eternity (4): Palestine in the Heart, Al-Liqa publications, 2017,416 pages.
  • For Open Borders between Time and Eternity (5): The Book of the Days (Diary), Al-Liqa publications, 2018, 382 pages.
  • The Palestinian Local Theology (1967-2019): A General Survey, Al-Liqa Publications, 2019, 259 pages.
  • The Saint and the Wolf: The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi for Children and Adults, Franciscan Printing Press, Jerusalem, 2019, 109 pages.
  • Noonday Stars, Franciscan Printing Press, Jerusalem, 2019, 94 pages.
  • Bread for the Life of the World: Eucharistic Meditations, Franciscan Printing Press, Jerusalem, 2020, 143 pages.
  • Pastoral Issues: The Pastoral Work in the Local Church, Franciscan Printing Press, Jerusalem, 2010, 183 pages.

Main Publications in English

  • Christian Theology in the Palestinian Context, edited by Rafiq Khoury and Rainer Zimmer-Winkel, Aphorisma (Berlin), 2019, 511 pages.
  • Noonday Stars, translated from Arabic by Saliba Sarsar, Franciscan Printing Press, Jerusalem, 2020, 94 pages.