Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
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Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Jaffa Gate
P.O.Box 14152
Jerusalem 9114101
Tel: +972 2 628 23 23
Fax: +972 2 627 16 52
E-mail: [email protected]

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, acts as a vicariate for Jerusalem and Palestine, which encompasses the city of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories, including the Gaza Strip. About 85% of the Christians living in these areas are Arabic-speaking. 


Upon its restoration in 1847, the Latin Patriarchate began to strengthen the Latin presence in Jerusalem and Palestine by founding missions there. The very first was that of Beit Jala, in 1853; then came the missions of Jifna (1856), Ramallah (1857), Lydda (1858), Birzeit (1858), Taybeh (1859)... Their establishment was later consolidated by Patriarch Ludovico Piavi and by the emergence of a local clergy.


After the events of 1948 and 1967, the Christian community of Jerusalem and Palestine experienced a massive emigration abroad, which led to a drastic reduction in the number of parishioners. However, thanks to the social and educational infrastructures put in place by the Patriarchate and open to all, these very fervent and dynamic communities continue to radiate and promote a Christian vision of hope, peace and human dignity.