Beit Jala Seminary

The first Patriarch after restoration, S.B. Giuseppe Valerga, founded the Latin Patriarchal Seminary in 1852 in Jerusalem. On December 7, 1857, he was transferred to Beit Jala, where it has been permanently established since 1936. The curriculum includes a year of spirituality (propaedeutic), a year of French, two years of philosophy and four years of theology. Since its creation until 2008, the Seminary has formed 260 priests, 12 have become bishops and 3 patriarchs.

“At the Seminary, our mission is to give students – future priests – a chance to get not only a solid intellectual training but also to receive a human, spiritual and pastoral teaching within the context of the unique situation of the Church of Jerusalem. The Christians here are a tiny minority community living between the two major communities: Muslims and Jews.”

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