Mouqeibleh Parish - Transfiguration Church

Mouqeibleh Parish - Transfiguration Church
Contact information:

Afula-Jenin Road 1935400 Mouqeibleh

Mailing address:
Holy Family Center
P.O.B. 50586
1616302 Nazareth
Tel: (04) 657 34 43

The parish of Mouqeibleh is situated on the south border of Nazareth (25 km from Nazareth) past Afula and stretching to Jenin. It is the last village in Israel located along the border with Palestine.

Its inhabitants are about 4,200, all Arabs, and 95% Muslim. Before 1948, it was a hamlet of Jenin that had about 200 inhabitants, mostly Christian. The current population is sociable and enjoys very good relations, characterized by mutual care and respect. Apart from a minority engaged in agriculture, the rest of the population is involved in the world of civil work, in particular employed in the city of Afula or in the neighboring kibbutz. There’s no shortage of entrepreneurs or freelancers.


Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate

The parish was built in 1996 on land donated by the government. It includes a church with a capacity for 200 people, an adjoining parish house and a small lounge with 70 seats for the activities. In 2013, soccer, volleyball and basketball fields were built on neighboring properties, as well as a playground for the small children. Today, the community is composed of 139 Christians: 65% Latin Catholic, 25% Greek Catholic and 10% Orthodox. The parish has the role of fostering unity among all who participate in the activities: the liturgy, catechesis, meetings, and trips. Relations are peaceful, and there is a strong unity between them, almost like an extended family. There are parish educational facilities, and more on extracurricular activities. The parish priest is assisted by a religious brother and a religious sister of the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Anne. The pastor does not reside in the village, but goes to Nazareth on Fridays and Saturdays, in addition to other occasions, such as holidays or special requests from the parishioners.