Zarqa South Parish - Saint Pius X Church

Zarqa South Parish - Saint Pius X Church
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Zarqa is a city in Jordan located northeast of Amman. After Amman and Irbid, it is the country’s third largest city. Its name means “the blue one”. Zarqa is Jordan’s industrial center, home to over 50% of Jordanian factories. The growth of industry in the city is the result of low real estate prices and proximity to the capital, Amman. The city of Zarqa was established by immigrants from the Caspian Sea region at the beginning of the twentieth century, initially on the banks of the Zarqa River, the population grew steadily with the construction of the Hejaz railway by the Ottomans. The bases of the Jordanian army, formerly called the Arab Legion, were located in Zarqa.

Infrastructures of the Latin Patriarchate

Located in the south area of Zarqa, in the poorest part of the city, the schools’ students come mostly from the surrounding refugee camps, which were well established before the foundation of the parish in 1949. At first, the school consisted of three classrooms divided by partitions, which were removed for the weekly Mass. The school was extended in 1979, and a multi-purpose hall was built. In 1998, classrooms were constructed in the building’s basement. This provided four rooms for the Kindergarten with a good outside play area, partially covered giving shelter in wet or extremely hot weather. After grade 9, the students go to government or private schools. In order to develop social skills, students take an active part in events and competitions with other schools in the city. Many activities are held in the parish, organized by the Parish Priest and Parish Council, such as Scout activities, youth movements, retreats, activity days, bazaars, parties and summer camps.


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