Latin Patriarchate Schools - Israel


Our Latin Patriarchate schools in Israel have a rich and long history. Schools were one of the first institutions that the Patriarchate gave special care and attention to. Hence most of the schools were built next to churches and therefore are called pastoral schools.

The Patriarchate schools in Israel are divided into six schools and a kindergarten, namely: the Latin Patriarchate school in Reneh, the Latin Patriarchate school in Jaffa Nazareth, the Latin Patriarchate school in Rameh, and St. Joseph's kindergarten in Shafa’amr. Recently, the sisters of Nazareth school in Haifa and Shafa’amr have also been added to the Patriarchate schools in Israel.

Administrative bodies and school staff:

1. The General Administration Office for schools: It is responsible for the management and growth of the schools in all the fields, as well as developing an integrated approach and a comprehensive vision.

2. School director: Each school has a director who manages the work and programs of the school and overlooks the educational, and organizational process.

3. The teaching staff: They are integral for the success of our schools, so it is important to provide them with the necessary preparation, care, scientific equipment as well as expose them to the latest updates in the world of Education.

4. Students: They are at the center of the educational process in the school. They are not just targets of the school educational process, but rather an active participant in it.

5. Parents: Parents have a special responsibility in the framework of schoolwork; hence the importance of fostering a dialogue and cooperation by involving the parents in all possible programs.

6. Employees: they are people who perform some service at the school, no matter how modest, through which they can contribute to the life and career of the school.

The objectives of the Latin Patriarchate schools in Israel:

1. Learning - Our schools aim to equip their students in the necessary Sciences, which help develop their mental abilities, to prepare them to play an integral role in their society.

2. Education - Education plays an important role in our schools, which helps develop the personality of our students so that they can demonstrate necessary skills of analysis, understanding, evaluation, decision making and action.

3. Culture - The school has a special role in developing a culture. As it makes the students aware of the cultural Ethics of humanity in general and in particular of the society which they live in. The school also works to discover the students ' talents and helps to develop a humane culture for the local community in various fields.

4. Humanitarian education - The school seeks to develop all aspects of human life; mental, emotional, psychological, physical, creative, moral, religious, and spiritual.