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06.06.1951: Born in Beirut (Lebanon)

04.09.1963: Entered the Minor Seminary in Beit Jala

04.06.1976: Ordained Priest in Jerusalem at the LPJ Co-Cathedral by Patriarch Yacoub Beltritti

16.07.1976: Vicar to Ramallah Parish Priest Fr. Louis Favro

11/1977: Served in South Sudan

01.03.1982: Returned from Sudan

1982:  “Fidei Donum” to Abu Dhabi to assist Msgr. Grimoli, Apostolic Delegate to the Gulf States

10/1986: Vicar to Parish Priest of Jebel Lweibdeh (Amman)

10/1987: Parish Priest, Tlaa Al Ali (Amman)

1989: Parish priest, Ajlun (Jordan)

10/04/1992: Parish Priest,  Christ the King  – Al Misdar

08/2002: Parish Priest, Marka – Amman

Parish Priest, Sweifieh – Amman

Contact Information:

Telephone:  (06) 592 0740


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