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02.03.1934: Born in Jaffa to a family originating from Aboud village (Palestine)

04.10.1949: Entered the Minor Seminary in Beit Jala

03.10.1954: Entered the Major Seminary

16.10.1960: Ordained Deacon in Beit Jala by Bishop Mansour Jallad

29.06.1961: Ordained priest at LPJ Co-Cathedral by Bishop Mansour Jallad

06/1961: Vicar, Southern Zarqa, In-Charge of Latin schools

08/1963: Vicar,  Madaba, Main (Jordan)

08/1964: Parish Priest, Shatana, worked three days a week in Irbed (Jordan)

07/1967: Priest-Chaplain at  Freres High School in Amman (Jabal al Hussein)

06/1970: Obtained Bachelor in Canon Law

12/11/1971: Appointed Legal Vicar

20/6/1971: Defended  Ph.D. thesis in Law on  “Christian Minorities throughout the Ages” at the Pontifical Lateran  University, Rome

1971-1988: Head of Commission on Pilgrimages; Chaplain of the Young Christian Students

1979: Appointed Judge in the Diocesan Tribunal in Jerusalem

05/1988: Appointed Head of the Diocesan Tribunal in Amman

16/03/1992: Appointed Canon of the Holy Sepulchre

1993: Member of the Bilateral Coordinating Committee  between the Holy See and Israel

1995:  Appointed Judge in the Diocesan Tribunal in Jerusalem;  Head of the Diocesan Tribunal in Nazareth; Head of the Appeal Court affiliated with the Greek Catholic Church in Haifa

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