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19/08/1971: Born in  Ramallah

08/1984: Entered the Latin Patriarchate Minor Seminary  on recommendation of Fr. Louis Favro

17/06/1995: Ordained Priest in Ramallah by Patriarch Michel Sabbah

08/1995: Assistant to Bishop Salim Sayegh at the Latin Patriarchal Vicariate in Amman

08/1996: Vicar, Annunciation Parish in Jabal Luweibdeh

08/1997: Vicar, Christ the King Parish in Misdar, Amman

05/1998: Music teacher at the Seminary

07/1998: Professor, Latin Patriarchate Seminary; Part-time Vicar, Holy Family Parish in Ramallah

02/1999: Vicar, Holy Family Parish in Ramallah

08/2001: Parish Priest, Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Aboud

08/2003: Parish Priest, Immaculate Conception in Birzeit

2004: General Chaplain, Diocesan Youth Ministry

08/2009: Parish Priest,  Our Lady of Fatima in Beit Sahour

20/11/2011: Founder and Director, Christ the King Bookstore in Beit Sahour

08/2012: Parish Priest, Holy Redeemer in Taybeh

08/2015: Divine Liturgy studies in Rome

15/08/2017:  Vice Rector and Treasurer, Latin Patriarchate Seminary in Beit Jala

Contact Information:

Latin Patriarchate Seminary, Beit Jala
Telephone:  +970 2 274 2612
Mobile:  +970 59 962 4624

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