SidrakThe Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land congratulated the  recently elected Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Egypt, Bishop Ibrahim Isaac SIDRAK.

logo AOCTSBishop Ibrahim Isaac SIDRAK
Coptic Catholic Patriarch
Rue Ibn Sandar
Saray El-Koubbeh
11712 CAIRO – Egypt

January 18, 2013


The Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land have learned with joy that the Holy Synod elected you Patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church.

The international press has called you “young patriarch.” We are confident that through this ‘youth’, you will be a reference point in the Council of Catholic Patriarchs of the East and the World Council of Churches and the Church of Egypt.

We wish you with all our hearts to be a Pastor according to the heart of Christ, by your intellectual preparation, by your closeness to your priests, your pastoral dynamism and social attention to the most disadvantaged, isolated and morally poor. Ten years as a bishop at the head of the Eparchy of Minya have forged you to be Head today of the Church. Congratulations!

We want to be close to you, supporting you in the hopes and challenges that await you: hope for a fruitful ecumenical dialogue facing new opportunities for collaboration offered by the new Coptic Orthodox Patriarch; challenges arising from the gradual Islamization of Egypt. We accompany you with our prayer.

We, the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land and the Papal Representatives, reiterate all our joy, and we offer you our most fraternal congratulations.

+ Fouad TWAL – President
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

+ Giorgio LINGUA
Apostolic Nuncio to Jordan

Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem/Palestine
Apostolic Nuncio to Israel and Cyprus

+ Michel SABBAH
Latin Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem

+ Elias CHACOUR – Vice President
Archbishop, Greek Melkite Catholics, Akka

+ Yaser Al-AYYASH
Archbishop, Greek Melkite Catholics, Amman

+ Joseph SOUEIF
Archbishop, Maronite, Cyprus

+  Moussa EL-HAGE
Archbishop Maronites,  Haifa and the Holy Land

+ Boutros MOUALLEM
Archbishop Emeritus, Greek Melkite Catholics, Akka

+ Joseph Jules ZEREY
Patriarchal Vicar,  Greek Melkite  Catholics, Jerusalem

+ Gregoire Pierre MELKI
Syrian Catholic Patriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem

+ Maroun LAHHAM
Latin Patriarchal Vicar, Jordan

+ Giacinto-Boulos MARCUZZO
Latin Patriarchal Vicar, Israel

+ William SHOMALI
Latin Patriarchal Vicar, Jerusalem and Palestine

+ Kamal-Hanna BATHISH
Latin Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus

+ Selim SAYEGH
Latin Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus

Rt. Rev.  Joseph KELEKIAN
Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarch, Jerusalem and Amman

Very Rev. Pierbattista PIZZABALLA, O.F.M.
Custos of the Holy Land

Rev.  David NEUHAUS, S.J.
Patriarchal Vicar Hebrew-speaking Vicariate

Rev.  Evencio DIAZ HERRERA , O.F.M.
Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Cyprus

Rev. Raymond MOUSSALLI
Chaldean Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan

Rev. Pietro FELET scj

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