Mgr. Tomasz Grysa appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Madagascar

Published: September 27 Tue, 2022

Mgr. Tomasz Grysa appointed Apostolic Nuncio to Madagascar Available in the following languages:

Your Excellency,

I welcomed with great joy the good news of your episcopal consecration as archbishop and your appointment as apostolic nuncio in Madagascar, as well as apostolic delegate in the Comoros Islands and in La Réunion.

I wish to offer you my warmest congratulations, not only my personal ones, but also from the whole Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

In recent years we have all appreciated your closeness to the needs of the local church and your help in discerning for the sometimes difficult choices regarding the leadership of the Patriarchate, in the always complex and tearing political situation, in the pastoral life of the Church.

What the Lord asks of you now, through the choice of His Holiness Pope Francis, is certainly a delicate task, which requires courage and living faith. May the Lord fill you with His gifts and do not let you lack anything that will serve to make your mission fruitful, in the generous and faithful fulfillment of His Will.

I also take advantage of this happy occasion to thank you deeply for what you have done so far, with intelligence and dedication, for us in this Diocese.

In Christ,

† Pierbattista Pizzaballa

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem