Speech for the graduation at American University of Madaba - September 2022

Published: September 19 Mon, 2022

Speech for the graduation at American University of Madaba - September 2022 Available in the following languages:

Your excellencies,

BOT members,

Administrative and academic staff of AUM,

Graduates, parents, and friends,

Today is a day of jubilation for our graduates and their families, for the academic and administrative staff, for our donors, and for the Latin Patriarchate, the sponsor of AUM. We are committed to the growth and advancement of this young academic institution.

Our Joy is triple since the graduation ceremony comprehends the students of the last three academic years, during which Covid negatively impacted the educational system in the world and in Jordan. Online learning, even if lecturers and students seriously lived it, has been less productive than physical presence. Besides, many parents found themselves unemployed or underpaid. Students had less money to pay their university fees. We are happy again for the return of students to their classrooms, for the gradual improvement of the economy, and for being able to celebrate today despite past and present adversities.

The creation of the American University of Madaba is the natural continuity of our efforts as Latin Patriarchate in the field of education, because we believe in the capacity of education to make a real positive transformation in the hearts of young generations, and to build up a prosperous society and a strong nation.  

A famous Chinese proverb says: “If you plan for one year, plant rice, if you plan for ten years, plant trees and if you plan for a lifetime, educate people.” This is what we are doing to enforce and implement our mission and vision, which is to foster wisdom and knowledge. Besides science, AUM vocation is to be a place where human and spiritual values: ​​understanding, tolerance, dialogue, peace, and moral integrity are fostered and implemented in daily life.

On the academic level, AUM continues to introduce new programs. Last year AUM applied for the approval of two new ones: the first in cybersecurity, the other a master’s degree in business administration and business analytics. This follows other new successful programs such as human resources management, applied arts, design and visual communication, artificial intelligence, medical laboratories, computer science, risk management, architecture, engineering, and pharmacy which continues, for the 4th consecutive year to score first in the Jordanian board examinations for pharmacists.

On another level, we have a new Board of Trustees. I don’t want to miss the occasion to thank its members who accompany AUM in its journey to be and remain a modern and first-class university.  I am grateful to each one of them and to our new president, Dr. Mamoun Akroush, and his staff, who are working hard to advance AUM.

I congratulate all the students: the Jordanians who make most of the graduates but also those coming from Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. The university is rightly proud of its diverse student body, belonging to 24 nationalities.

I convey my profound gratitude to the Jordanian authorities and especially to our beloved king Abdullah II, to the Ministry of Higher Education for their ongoing collaboration; to our staff and teachers for their dedication; and to you, our dear graduates, who are the hope of your families and of your country.

Dear staff and students,

Together, let us build a strong, joyful, compassionate, and collaborative community of educators and students for the common good of our beloved Jordan.