Foyer_Mar_MarounCommuniqué of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land following the appointment of Msgr. George Chihan as Maronite Patriarchal Administrator of Haifa and the Holy Land and of the Exarchate of Jerusalem, Palestine and Jordan.


The Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land have learned with satisfaction the news of Your appointment as Maronite Patriarchal Administrator of the Archdiocese of Haifa and of the Holy Land and of the Exarchate of Jerusalem, Palestine and Jordan. You are a well-known person within our Assembly and likewise well inserted in the life of the local Church, especially in Jordan. Ahlan wa sahlan, ya sayyedna (Welcome among us, Monsignor).

In the letter of presentation, Your Patriarch, H. B. Msgr. Bishara Al-Rai, asks and counts on our collaboration in matters of common interest and for the good of the Catholic Church. “Unity is testimony” are the key words that guide our pastoral choices. In advance we thank you for your availability. Be assured, you can count on our full support and encouragement for the development of your new mission.

Please accept, Monsignor, the expression of our sincerest greetings.

+  Yaser Al-AYYASH

Arch. Melkite Cath. of Petra and Philadelphia

+  Fouad TWAL – President

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

+  Gregoire Pierre MELKI

Exarch Syrian Catholic Church of Jerusalem

+ Antonio FRANCO

Apostolic Delegate in Jerusalemm,

Apostolic Nuncio in Israel and Cyprus

+  Joseph Jules ZEREY

Melkite Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem

+ Giorgio LINGUA

Apostolic Nuncio in Jordan

+ Maroun E. LAHHAM

Latin Patriarchal Vicar / Jordan

+  Elias CHACOUR – Vice president

Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Akko

+  Giacinto-Boulos MARCUZZO

Latin Patriarchal Vicar/ Israel

+  Michel SABBAH

Latin Patriarch emeritus of Jerusalem

+  William SHOMALI

Latin Patriarchal Vicar/ Jerusalem and Palestine

+  Boutros MOUALLEM

Arch. Melkite Cath. emeritus pf Akko

Fr. David NEUHAUS, S.J.

Latin Patriarchal Vicar /  Hebrew Speaking Vicariate

+  Kamal-Hanna BATHISH

Auxiliary Bishop emeritus

Fr. Evencio HERRERA DIAZ, O.F.M.

Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Cyprus

+  Selim SAYEGH

Auxiliary Bishop emeritus


Chaldean Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan

Arch. Joseph TELEKIAN

Armenian Catholic Exarchate / Jerusalem

P.Pietro FELET, scj

Secretary general

Fr.Pierbattista PIZZABALLA, O.F.M.,

Custos of the Holy Land

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