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The town of Marj Alhamam lies on the outskirts of Amman, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and is 7 kilometres from the Seventh Circle.

The Marj El Hamam Parish:The parish of Marj Alhamam is one of the parishes of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Jordan. The parish was founded in 1986 and counts 150 families. The Parish Priest is Father Hanna Kildani.

The current Parish Church, Sacred Heart, is in the Parish Compound which consists of two parts: the Church and the Convent. The


present Church is the ex-parish kindergarten which has been converted into a church for 120 people.

The aim of the new church building project is for a church to serve the parish of Marj Alhamam as well as the wider district of Amman, Seventh Circle, extending to the Queen Alia International Airport Road, in all this will serve an area in the form of an arc stretching some 30 kilometres.


Our small parish also has St Joseph’s of the Apparition Convent whose nuns serve the parish. The nuns also have 15 novices and postulants preparing to parish5enter the Convent as nuns. Similarly they help the parish in many capacities: for instance, pastoral care, youth work and all catechetical work for state school pupils.



Marj El Hamam: Sacred Hear
Pastor: Rev. Hanna Kaldani
Latin Convent
P.O.B. 246
11732 Marj-el-Hamam
Tel & fax: (06) 571 30 07
Mobile: (07) 9 660 06 38

Martyrs of Jordan Church Project of Marj El Hamam (Jordan)

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