Youth in Cyprus

In Cyprus, the members of the St. Barnabas Youth Group aspire to be Gospel Adventurers. The purpose of this group is to help the Christian youth to search for the Gospel within them and within others. Like St. Barnabas, they strive to be compassionate towards others; to grow together in maturity by helping the people around them; to search for other young people who could join them. During this time of synod, the youth was active in answering the synodal questions, showing enthusiasm and great interest. They proved their aspiration to grow in maturity and to help the Church.

General idea

On October 12th, 2019, a first youth meeting was held with nine teenagers, together with their parents. The meeting focused on the purpose of the group and the expectations of everyone. After this, the youth group reached to the number of sixteen teenagers, as well as many children from 10 to 12. The meetings were held separately, but the activities were organized for all.

  • Twice a month, there is an encounter and times of discussions and sharing about Christus Vivit. The encounters also include workshops, outings, or other activities
  • Once a month, the members actively participate in the Holy Eucharist.


"No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends" - Jn 15:13

The objectives of the group are multiple:

  • To empower young people and to encourage them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in today's world.
  • To train young people in responsibility and participation in their life, mission and work within the Catholic faith community.
  • To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each youth.

Christus Vivit

The St. Barnabas Youth Group started in the light of Christus Vivit, the post-synodal apostolic exhortation of Pope Francis that focused on young people, faith and vocational discernment. To draw light to our faith, through and for the young people, priests as well as Most. Rev. Mons. Reuben Terrablanca, who did a lot for the youth, inspired the creation of the group.

May the soul of Mons. Terrablanca guide us from heaven

The logo

The logo of the St. Barnabas Youth Group has deep significance. The yellow and white colors of the logo represent the Cyprus flag, while the light represents God. The rays of God’s love are poured out on humanity to bring life. All those who believe in God are wrapped in His love.

The cross of Christ seen on the boat is the symbol of salvation. Next to it, St. Barnabas is leading the youth to the light as he is a man filled with the Holy Spirit and faith. He is meant to be a model for our youth, who are encouraged to lead others courageously to that great light called Jesus Christ our Savior. As St. Barnabas dedicated his life to the evangelization of the people in all communities, let us follow in his footsteps of to reach out to all.