Youth in Galilee

In Israel, each parish regularly organizes activities for its youth. These include meetings, trips and visits, courses, games, movie screenings, and so on. 

In Rameh, for instance, the youth was able to enjoy a visit to Isefiya and Mount Carmel to visit the church dedicated to Saint Charbel. They met with a group from the church and prayed, chanted, and enjoyed a time of discussion and recreation together.

During Christmas, the youth was also able to help with the decorations and the Christmas bazaar, in order to collect donations for needy families and visit them.

Other activities included various courses, meetings and training sessions, as well as games and hunts, such as an egg hunt organized on the occasion of Easter - the children were also able to watch a movie about Christ and sing hymns.

There also was a first meeting of the Youth in Galilee in the parish of Shafa’amr, organized by the General Chaplain Fr. Ramez Twal, and under the patronage of Mgr Rafic Nahra, Patriarchal Vicar for Israel.

During some courses, camps outside are organized, but also prayer groups and many manual activities.

Camping in nature...

Praying together...

And being creative!

Scouts groups are very active as well; lately, the Scouts and Guides of the Rosary in Yafa, Nazareth, prepared for their camp this summer with various meetings and activities.

"We are also looking to organize a youth movement for all, to bring together all of our youth," says Fr. Ramez Twal, the general chaplain for the Youth in Galilee. "But all of our parishes are already very active, offering multiple activities for their youth."

Contact information: 

General Chaplain: Fr. Ramez Twal
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +972 52-274-8510