Al Wahadneh: Feast of Prophet Elijah, Fr. Bader's silver jubilee celebrated

By: Munir Bayouk- - Published: July 20 Mon, 2020

Al Wahadneh: Feast of Prophet Elijah, Fr. Bader's silver jubilee celebrated Available in the following languages:

WAHADNEH - On Saturday, July 18, the Latin parishioners of Prophet Elijah Church in Al Wahadneh, at the governorate of Ajloun in northern Jordan, celebrated the feast of its patron: Prophet Elijah - which is usually celebrated on July 20 at the Catholic Church -. They also celebrated the silver jubilee of Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader in his hometown.

The Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Rif'at Bader and by parish priest Fr. Baha' Stfan and Fr. Adnan Bader, in the presence of the Rosary Sisters and the parishoners.

At the outset of the Mass, Fr. Baha' presented a welcoming speech during which he thanked the Lord for all His blessings, conveyed well-wishes to the parishioners marking the feast of Prophet Elijah and to Fr. Rif'at Bader on the silver jubilee of his priestly ordination.

In his homily, Fr. Bader said: "The seed of the priestly vocation whose 25th anniversary is being marked did not begin on the day of my priestly ordination, but rather from this holy temple and in this blessed church. I recall how this church was part of our daily life despite the simplicity of life. We were brought up in this church, and we grew up there with the love of the Lord, the love of the Holy Gospel, and the love of Blessed Mary. Here, the sower was sowing the seeds, and this seed was growing. Since I was young in Al Wahadneh, everyone was asking me: What do you want to be when you grow up? My answer was: "I want to become a priest and go to Jerusalem."

He added: “I share with you thanking the Lord for the blessing of brotherhood, friendship, kinship, and the pride that binds me with this township as well as the blood kinship, the friendship, and Christian brotherhood with the people of this township. I thank the Lord for the grace of the holy priesthood, the silver jubilee since from this parish I received the sacraments of baptism, the communion, the confirmation and the repentance. Furthermore, at his parish and at this church I celebrated my first Holy Mass."

Fr. Bader concluded his homily saying: “The priesthood is a blessing, which we do not deserve yet it honored our township several times. I thank the Lord for the grace of the priesthood and for the grace of monasticism in our country. I am always proud to say that I am from Al Wahadneh township, and I am always proud of belonging to this township, this parish, and this good brotherhood."