Celebration for the Pentecost of 2022

By: lpj.org - Published: May 23 Mon, 2022

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You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’” Jn 3,7

For a “New Pentecost”

Encouraged by the Patriarch to share their charisms with the local Church for mutual enrichment, the Movements and New Communities have set out towards “a new Pentecost”.

The idea is to start again from the first Pentecost, 2000 years ago...

Before ascending to Heaven, Jesus asked his disciples to return to Jerusalem and wait for the Father's promise...

They met in the Cenacle, with Mary, to pray while awaiting the Holy Spirit.

The Project: Cenacles and the Pentecost Vigil

We propose to all those who wish to do so to meet in small groups between the evening of the Ascension and the Vigil of Pentecost, to ask the Holy Spirit to be renewed, personally and all together.

The Cenacles will meet again, with the Patriarch, for the Vigil of Pentecost.


The joy of encounter is contagious and comes from the Risen Christ present among us (Mt 18:20).

  • Members of movements and communities, and members of local churches (families, young people, children, but also religious, priests...), all those who wish to do so.
  • Gathered in small groups, united in the desire to be renewed in the Holy Spirit, and in a great listening to one another, learn to know each other, to love each other, and to pray together.
  • Through songs, the Word of God, the mutual sharing of the Spirit's Presence in our lives and the presence of the Virgin Mary.

All the cenacles will meet, at their own choosing, between Ascension Thursday and the Vigil of Pentecost.

Vigil of Pentecost:

It will be held at St. Vincent de Paul Church, Mamilla, Jerusalem, at 18:30. There is parking for buses and cars at Mamilla.

The Vigil will be the fruit of the journey made by the Movements and New Communities, together with the cenacles.

The whole Church is invited by the Patriarch to participate (see invitation below).

Pentecost Sunday:

In Jerusalem, for those who wish to attend the Patriarch's Mass, there will be a festive time, with a shared picnic, songs and dances, in a place yet to be determined.

For further information: [email protected]